2017-2018 Membership Renewal

As our 2017-2018 membership renewal cycle approaches, with the anticipated $400 in mailing, handling and copying costs, we thought we might save at least half of that expense or more by giving you the opportunity to mail in your household renewal checks for $30 prior to the mailing, which will be held to the middle of July.

Should your membership data need to be updated, please jot down all changes , or if there have been no changes to your membership information just indicate "NO CHANGE".

It would be appreciated if you could please mail in your renewal checks to:

BSHCA Membership
PO Box 134
Bayville, NJ 08721

Please indicate your name, Bayville address, and current email address, with your $30 check.so we can properly record your remittance for this membership cycle.


BSHCA Brochure and Application Form

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Membership Application Form Only

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