January 5, 2015

New Osprey Nest on Allen Road Beach!

We have a new osprey nest on our Allen Road Beach. It resides on a pole approximately 20 feet above ground level and about 1500 feet from the existing nest to the north.

About two years ago or so, a young Boy Scout from Berkeley Scout Troop 76, Gordon Petry, asked if BSHCA could sponsor him in a project necessary for his elevation in rank. We gladly accepted since it fit in with BSHCA as a Civic Organization. We decided that a good and worthwhile project would be the erection of a second Osprey nest along the Allen Road Beach. Since then, we have learned that scouting projects of this type require a very specific and detailed game plan to be followed and aside from the actual construction details, the primary focus for the scout is development of leadership skills. Those skills are exhibited by his ability to gather a staff of workers, in this instance a coach and fellow scouts and directing them to accomplish the goals of the project.

Several months ago, Gordon presented the project to the Mayor and Township Council, seeking approval, since the nest was to be erected on township property. This also gave him the opportunity to publicly address a governing body, which could be intimidating for a young man. He was accompanied by his coach, Ed Cammarato, also a member of our local school board and his father, Co Coach, Robert Petry.

After months of preparation and planning, Gordon was ready to go on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Most impressive was the turnout of 40 - 50 supporters and workers on project day, including two trucks, pole, materials and 5 workman from JCP&L, all donated at no cost to the project. Gordon was able to solicit private donations of food and all necessary materials as directed by the project guidelines. Also present, as a show of support, were local officials, Mayor Carmen Amato, Council President James Byrne, Council Vice President, Judy Noonan, Councilman John Bacchione, Councilwoman Sophia Gingrich and Councilman L. Thomas Grosse.

BSHCA was proud to sponsor this fine young man which gave us an opportunity to display our civic side.
Hopefully, the nest will produce young osprey chicks in the 2015 season. Through projects of this type and the many osprey nests erected on Island Beach State Park, the osprey has been making a strong comeback and may eventually be taken off of the endangered species list. Take a ride over and visit the project. It is visible from the Allen Road Beach parking lot.

Pictures, by Gordon’s Mom, Stacy Petry.


Scout, Gordon Petry

Gordon Petry and Coach, Ed Cammaratta

JCP&L Crew




Building the nest

Attaching Nest to Pole

Getting Ready




Gordon and his Crew

Ready to Drill

Raising Pole





Ready to Drop

Gordon and JCP&L Crew

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