2017 "One Sweet Day"
Annual Boat Outing to Atlantic City


It's time to start organizing what will be our 5th“ONE SWEET DAY” boat trip to Atlantic City...

We are excited to be returning to Atlantic City and the folks over at Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget are thrilled to have us back.

Here are the vitals...


Date: Friday, July 14, 2017 - Sunday July 16, 2017
Place: Farley State Marina, Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
Website and Info: Farley State Marina
Dock Layout: DOCKS

All paid up BSHCA members will enjoy the special negotiated group slip rate, will receive custom credentials to the lavish Friday night
“TABLE OF THE GODS” buffet and will receive complimentary T shirts for Captain and crew.


All interested in participating can begin sending in their 2017 AC Trip reservations starting immediately to:

First Vice President
Ken Gerb

What Ken will require is : boat name, length, beam, electrical requirements and captain's full name and contact info, as a manifest must be prepared for Farley State Marina. If you are boatless, please still consider attending and get a room in the Golden Nugget hotel. We are going to have a few people who will come by land, as well as by sea.

Don't worry about committing - you can cancel up to 48 hours before the arrival date.

If you are unfamiliar with the format, we arrive at or around noon on Friday and start setting up for the lavish "Table of the Gods" banquet, Friday evening. Most bring a finger-type food and a dessert but some will bring paper goods (cups, plates) and/or plastic silverware, trash bags, etc, which are very necessary items as well. This will all be pre-arranged. If you need some guidance, here's the video from a prior ONE SWEET DAY year's trip...

Click here for a video of the weekend!

Questions? Contact Ken Gerb - members@berkeleyshores.org


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