2018 "One Sweet Day"
Sixth Annual Boat Outing to Atlantic City

Date: Friday, July 13, 2018 - Sunday July 15, 2018
Place: Farley State Marina, Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
Website and Info: Farley State Marina
Dock Layout: https://www.goldennugget.com/atlantic-city/amenities/marina/dock-layout/

We have confirmed this date with Dockmaster Nick LaRotonda and reserved a block of slips.


Once again, BSHCA will be joining forces with our friends from CLUB SEA RAY for this fun filled event.

I, along with Ron and Rick from CSR, will serve as your co-cruise directors.

As is the norm, I'll be taking reservations from all BSHCA members that want to attend.

I’ll need boat name, length, beam, electrical requirements and captain's full name as I have to prepare a manifest for Farley State Marina. If you are boatless, please still consider attending and get a room in the hotel. We are going to have a few people who will come by land and air as well as by sea.

Don't worry about committing - you can cancel up to 48 hours before the arrival date. You will each have to call individually with your credit card info to reserve your slip, so just giving me your info does not reserve you a slip.

If you are unfamiliar with the format, we arrive at or around noon on Friday and start setting up for the "Table of the Gods" Friday evening. Most bring a finger-type food and a dessert but some will bring paper goods (cups, plates) and/or plastic silverware, trash bags, etc, which are very necessary items as well. This will all be pre-arranged.

Here's some pix from last year's event...


1. We get a 15% discount on the slip rate - comes to $2.55/ft./day. Includes water, CATV & wireless internet. Electricity is $5/day per 30amp cord or $15/day per 50amp cord

2. Check-in is 1pm. Hail on Channel 65 when you arrive. If you get there earlier and they have a spot, they will accommodate.

3. CANCELLATION: we can cancel the entire Rendezvous as long as we provide 14 days notice.
Each attendee may cancel with 48 hours notice. Without 48 hours notice, you will be charged for one night's slip fee

4. By their rule, I have to submit the boat info to them and then you follow up with you credit card info to reserve the slip. If you don't call with your credit card, you will not have a reserved slip.

5. There is a new Dockmaster this year so for now, I will assume that the points above are still the same. If there are any changes I will post updates.


Questions? Contact Ken Gerb - members@berkeleyshores.org


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