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January 2018


January 15, 2018

Report on Water Quality from President, Keith Ruscitti

At the December Berkeley Township Mayor/Council Meeting, more information was provided to the public regarding the quality of tap water provided by AQUA -- one of the 5 water companies that serve Berkeley Township. All of the residents and properties in the Berkeley Shores community are serviced by AQUA. Three representatives from AQUA were at the meeting to answer questions about the higher-than-normal levels of Aluminum and Iron found in our water supply.

To review: Dating back to 2010 AQUA’s own testing found that the amount of Iron and Aluminum in our water ranged as high as 12 times over the EPA RECOMMENDED contaminant level. This is according to AQUA’s most recent tests.

However, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency that oversees water quality) doesn’t consider Iron and Aluminum a PRIMARY contaminant and it doesn’t require states to mandate the amount of such SECONDARY pollutants in its water. States have the option to mandate the level if they so choose. The New Jersey DEP only recommends water companies adhere to these levels. Thus, it is NOT state law.

AQUA says the high levels of Aluminum and Iron are not a health risk but it does cause discoloration and it affects the taste of the water. It also causes damage to pipes, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and filters need to be replaced or checked routinely.

According to water company representatives, AQUA has begun building a filtration system to fix this problem. The project was started last month with an anticipated completion date of one year.

We will keep our membership updated on this issue and other water testing issues that may arise. Testing results dating back to 2010 can be found on our website


Members, we continue to chip away at our goal. We are now 29 members and 15 households short of last years’ roster count. We are presently at a 96% renewal rate from last-years membership roster. The deadline for dues payment for the 2017-2018 cycle was December 31, 2017. Dues not received after that date will result in removal from the active membership roster.


Members, in good standing, are encouraged to go online to the BSHCA web page for graduating high school seniors to submit applications for consideration by the scholarship committee. It is very important to follow the scholarship application process and date deadlines.

Center Island

Center island caretaker, John Schnitzer, continues to appeal for your assistance in maintaining our welcoming island. So many of you have checked off gardening in your application responses. Just a small amount of your time can make John's job so much easier. Please consider joining him. We need to do all we can to present our neighborhood as a great place to live, not only for the visitor, but to the prospective home buyer. The center island is the first thing they see when entering Berkeley Shores. Currently, John is doing it alone with the help of board members and one member volunteer. If you are interested in helping, contact John Schnitzer at 732-237-9922.

Social Events

Your ideas for social events, shows, trips, etc. are welcome. Contact Social director, Jerry Coppola on 732 237 8855

2018 BSHCA Golf Tournament, Thursday, July 19, 2018

While it might be a bit early to think golf, July will come sooner than you think. Get your foursomes in early to ensure your spot. Our web site WILL house all information you need to join the BSHCA Tournament in July. SAVE THE DATE!

2018 "One Sweet Day" Sixth Annual Boat Outing to Atlantic City
Date: Friday, July 13, 2018 - Sunday July 15, 2018

For MORE information visit the One Sweet Day Atlantic City Boat Outing page on our website!