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Happy Hookers

Cathy Peach

Happy Hookers is the name of our club! It was established in 1992 by Cathy Peach. The club was formed to help the infirmed, patients at nursing facilities and special children. The club is open to anyone who would like to learn or perhaps already has the knowledge of knitting or crocheting.

We meet on the SECOND Monday of the month. At the current time we have many active members- and we always have room for more! We make lap robes, bed slippers, scarves, shawls, hats, mittens, pocket books to fit walkers, etc. We also ask our membership to donate costume jewelry, sample sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body and hand lotions. These are used for holiday gifts and for bingo prizes. The club members visit nursing facilities, Children's Specialized Hospital, donate to Linus and help Monsignor Donovan with the Outreach Program. We also are involved in two projects to help the men and women in our armed services.

This club is a great way to meet people! I must admit, we are not all work and no play. We have a great time together with a lot of talk and laughs. We visit many facilities and bring joy to a lot of people.

For information about joining the Happy Hookers
call Cathy Peach @ 732-237-0901


August 2016 Letter from the Fred Bekiarian and a special letter from the "Happy Hookers”

Dear Members,

The efforts and dedication of the Happy Hookers to the less fortunate in Nursing Homes and our military in foreign lands is to be applauded and appreciated. This group of sewers and knitters puts a charitable face on BSHCA and exemplifies, in a major way, our civic responsibility along with our other philanthrophical endeavors. Director, Charles Crunkleton, was assigned as liaison to the Happy Hookers to provide continuity and updating of the groups’ activities to the executive board. Through his working with the “Hookers,” he became familiar with Mr. Mullikin, inviting him to our executive board meeting held on July 26, 2016. Mr. Mullikin started this program 12 years ago and is basically a one-man operation with a cadre of volunteers from many areas who wish to be involved. He established contacts with key military personal in remote areas of occupation and through those contacts, determines the items of need for our fighting forces. I.e.: Soldiers are very appreciative of the woolen hats, knitted by the “Hookers,” which keep them warm in the colder climates. Cathy Peach and her Happy Hookers are part of that cadre of volunteers, sewing, knitting and boxing supplies making it possible for him to accomplish his mission. The board listened with interest and has voted to lengthen the arm of Mr. Mullkins’ “Army of Volunteers.” There was a strong desire by the board to support our military with some plan of action and Mr. Mullikins’ operation seemed to be a good fit. He has an established and well respected operation, the “Hookers” are already on board to handle the logistics and Director Crunkleton will oversee needs and report progress to the board and ultimately to the membership. At the July 26th meeting, the board has taken its’ first action with a donation of $300.00 for the purchase of much needed phone cards to keep military in touch with their families, especially during the holiday season. That award will be presented personally to Mr. Mullikin at a meeting planned for the October time frame. The board has done its’ part in support of our military and now it is time to appeal to you for your generous donations in support of our military. Nancy Wieme, our webmaster, has prepared the web site with a complete list of all items of need from personal to toiletries to books/magazines to food items to wool for hats and whatever other items are needed, accompanied by a clear set of instructions as regards drop off points. We are also pursuing volunteer members to serve as pick-up drivers on a monthly basis. If you can help please call Charles Crunkleton on 732 269 5967.


Fred Bekiarian, Pres., BSHCA


Dear Members,

I would like to take a moment to update you on the good works of BSHCA’s Happy Hookers. The Hookers are keeping busy making blankets, scarves, hats and slippers to be donated to residents of Children’s Hospitals, Bayville Manor, Tallwoods, Crystal Lake, Kensington Manor and other nursing homes as well as Homes for Veterans. We also box much needed personal items from your generous donations.

In addition to our local contributions, we are working with a very special gentleman, Mr. Lloyd Mullikin. Mr. Mullikin has established himself as the contact for much needed items of clothing, food, toiletries and other personal items to be shipped to our military personal around the globe. The Hookers have joined him in this project, preparing food boxes, personal items and hats for warmth, knitted by our group of sewers and knitters. Their words of appreciation and thanks are heartwarming, not only for the items, but for the caring that comes from the homeland.

I wish to thank the many neighbors and friends for the books, magazines, personal items and other donations. Your generosity does not go unrecognized. A special thanks to Sarah’s Salon located at 441 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville for allowing us to use her store as a drop off point for your donations. If you wish to join us, we are more than happy to welcome you into our group.

Please get in touch with me on 732 237 0901.


Cathy Peach and the Happy Hookers

Click here for a complete list of needed items

For more information, contact Mr. Lloyd Mullikin 732 269 1397 or



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