We hope most of you have had the opportunity to view our new Veeder Lane Center Island makeover as you enter Berkeley Shores and probably saw the work in progress on Saturday, September 22. In a recent survey conducted by the executive board we asked you, the membership, to prioritize the many activities of BSHCA. Approximately 75 of you answered and you placed environment and beautification at the top of the list. The Center Island makeover was in the planning stages since the spring of 2012. Director Ken Gerb was given the task of designing a landscape that would identify us as a waterfront-shore community. The result is an entrance to our neighborhood that all can be proud of. Great job Ken.

Now for some logistics:


Project is 70 feet long and 13 feet wide. Island is 300 feet long.

  • 200 plus feet of donated piling cut to specific lengths and wrapped in 600 feet of hemp rope for a nautical look.
  • 9 tons of river rock surrounding the project.
  • 26 yards of top soil for the plantings and to simulate dune berms.
  • Installation of weed barrier
  • 10 tons of sand to create additional berms and to give it a beach look.
  • 35 seagrass plants and dozens of flowering bulbs selected for their low watering requirements.
  • Donated old boat used as a planter.

(The boat has sentimental value. It was originally owned by the owner of Trixies Marina and given to Council Pres. James Byrnes as a birthday gift some 15 years ago. It appears that it will spend its last days on earth with us. Thank you Jim)


The overall cost to the association was under $3000. The donated materials would add another $1000. The major cost savings were realized from donated labor by association members, town officials, employees and equipment. Much thanks and appreciation goes to Mayor Amato and Council President Byrnes, for their hands on involvement and support, Public Works Director Steve Seiler and Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Jim Sperber and their work crews. Steve and his crew returned with Bobcat on Thursday, Sept 27 to help finish up, spreading sand and lifting boulders onto the berms. Special thanks to Mike Monteleoni, who operated the Bob Cat, digging piling holes and moving sand, topsoil and gravel. Sure saved a lot of backs and countless hours. We were informed by Mayor Amato that the island will be designated as a BSHCA “adopt a spot” with a $500 annual stipend for maintenance. Keep in mind that we also receive an annual street cleaning award of $500.

The island is not yet complete. Ken Gerb has volunteered to oversee the contined maintenance and improvement needs of the island. He is already planning a spring project for 2013 that will freshen up the sign surroundings at both ends. And don’t be surprised if you see an illuminated lighthouse in the near future.


Over the years, association boards have given special attention to beautification projects, Amherst Beach, Allen Road Beach and shoreline, Signage, Lagoon Street signs, lagoon and street cleanups, etc. That will continue as we plan a shoreline protection barrier for the Allen Road Beach in the fall, a continuing project by past President, Bill Grochowicz. Full support in that effort will come from town officials, departments and work crews. We hope this action taken by the board is met with agreement by the membership. In the future we will concentrate more on beautification projects because that is what you have told us is a priority. Of course, we will be limited by budgetary concerns. That is why it is so important for you to keep your membership active and dues current and to recruit the non members of Berkeley Shores to join us. The greater the member number, the greater the voice. Berkeley Shores is where we live and play.

Projects such as this one, show pride in our neighborhood.

Now, on to Allen Road Beach. Who will be there to help?

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