Hi Neighbors,

Ocean County maintains an active “Support the Troops Project,” spearheaded by Mr. Lloyd Mullikin, 732 269 1397 or The organization mails over 230 large packages annually, some weighing more than 70 pounds. The various senior communities in Berkeley Township along with many other organizations, including our own Happy Hookers contribute on a continuing basis, necessary items of convenience that may not be readily available in the more remote and isolated areas served by our military. Simple items like candies, toiletries, batteries, eye drops, bug spray, greeting cards, microwave foods, band aids, pens/pencils, coffee packets, DVD movies. If you wish to participate, drop off items at Cathy Peach, 15 Starboard Court or call her at 732 237 0901 or Sarah’s Salon located at 441 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville.

Thank you, Cathy Peach


Mr. Lloyd Mullikin has forwarded a few excellent resources for this project. Please click on any of the links below to read more about this project!

Support Our Troops- General Information Stocking Caps for Soldiers A Special Thank You and Items for Women

-- another note from Mr. Mullikin:

Many of the military units we are currently providing support to, have been requesting non-liquid laundry detergents, baby wipes and shaving cream. The troops are responsible for their own personal needs. But in some of the remote and isolated locations they find themselves in, these items are not always available. Items that can be donated can include anything you think a young male or female service person can use. Just remember, currently the daytime temperatures is some of their locations in North Africa and the Middle East, can be 114-degrees F. and higher.

Recently we started sending sports related items, including baseballs and bats, and golf balls and some clubs, etc. This along with the telephone calling cards we include, have been very popular.

Donated old or broken cell phones are recycled, for which we receive 60-minute long phone cards which can be used by our troops, and where in the world, to call friends and family back home.


Please help! Below is a list of items that are needed.

Shampoo/Conditioner DVD Movies Sweatshirts
Mechanic Gloves Toothbrushes School Supplies
Knuckle Bandages Sun Tan Lotion/ Sunblock Bug Spray
Boot Warmers Chap Stick Baby Wipes
Cotton Swabs Antiseptic Wipes Eye Drops
Soap Small Powdered Drink Mixes Hot Chocolate Mix
Small Bottles of Mouthwash WD 40 Granola Bars
Dry Fruits and Nut Mixes Batteries Peanut Butter
Socks (White/Black) Peanuts Cereal (Small Boxes)
Pretzels Reading Materials (Sports, People) Spices, Hot Sauce
T-Shirts Greeting Cards Tissues (Small pkg)
Gum/Breath Mints Snack foods/Slim Jims Microwave Foods/Soups
Popcorn/Sunflower Seeds Coffee packets, Tea Bags Band Aids
Shaving Cream/Razors Hard Candy Pens/Pencils/Writing paper
OTC Medical (Aspirin, Vitamins, Cough med)

And some needed items specifically for our women troops:

Items requested that women soldiers cannot get from the PX.
Overnight Pads, Panti liners
Kotex tampons, Midol, Advil Liquidgels
Clear/nude nail polish, polish remover
Jam hair products, hair spray, Hand Lotions
Bobby pins (black & blonde), eyebrow shaper
Hair ties (black & blonde), facial cleaners
Little makeup kits, pore strips
Lleave in conditioner, Keratin treatments
Brown hair dye (natural colors) different shades

Contributions can be delivered to Cathy Peach, 15 Starboard Court, Bayville. 732-237-0901 or to Sarah’s Salon located at 441 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville.

Please call before you drop off your contributions.

Thanks in advance!