Introducing, BSHCA President, Keith Ruscitti

It is our pleasure to announce the election of member Keith Ruscitti to the position of President, BSHCA. Following a thorough vetting by members of the executive board, he was installed by the membership in a special election held on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Keith has been a homeowner in Berkeley Shores, residing at 119 Amherst Drive with his wife, Gloria and their two children, Tommy 17 and Angelina 14, since 2005. He was raised in Burlington county and graduated from Rowan University in 1990. Gloria has been a teacher in Central Regional HS for 11 years.

For more than 25 years, Keith has worked in the media business and in the newspaper industry. During his journalistic career, he held the positions of Sports Editor, Columnist, General Assignments and Editor for several publications, including the Asbury Park Press and the Ocean County Observer. He is also active in youth sports programs in our township.

Keith will come to us with professional experience. Our bi-monthly newsletters are the main means of communication and his expertise will be valuable in improving our communications internally and externally.

Since June, the Executive board has been operating without a president. While all areas have been covered, it is still essential to have a leader at the helm to set the agenda, run meetings and move the organization with new ideas and approaches. He will not be working alone in his new position, enjoying strong support from his executive board.

The membership welcomes Keith and wishes him well in his new position of President.

BSHCA Executive Board