Barnegat Bay Blitz 2014

On Friday, April 25, ten volunteers from Berkeley Shores participated in this environmental cleanup. MANY THANKS to John Schnitzer, Chairperson of the event as well as a "blitzer" and our volunteers Rich MacBain, Bob Nichols, Ken and Nancy Wieme, Gary Tepper, Sue Carlson and her granddaughter Sophia and Lou and Nancy Rodriquez.

The areas for cleanup of trash and recyclables, all within Berkeley Shores, included Allen Road along the marsh area; Allen Road beach; Bayview Ave., north of Veeder Lane along the marsh area; Veeder Lane from Bayview Ave. west to Moorage Avenue; and the marsh area at the end of Anchorage Blvd.

TEN volunteers may sound like a small number, but this mighty team collected 29 bags of garbage and or recycleables as well as two HUGE piles of trash too large to put into bags. THANKS for a job well done!

We would also like to thank SHOP RITE of Bayville for donating trash bags and gloves for our volunteers!




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