The Berkeley Shores Homeowners' Civic Association Water Quality Committee has been working on ways to improve the water quality of our lagoons. All documents created for these projects can be found on this page and are in PDF format. Click on the thumbnail to view.

Stormwater Mitigation For Nitrogen Removal and H & M Potter School Outdoor Environmental Learning Center

This BSHCA water quality initiative proposes to re-route storm drains carrying nitrogen laden runoff for 160 acres of land from Rte. 9 to Moorage Ave. between Veeder La and Anchorage Blvd. Instead of dumping the runoff directly into Moorage Lagoon it proposes to direct the runoff to a “Constructed Stormwater Wetlands” across the street from the H & M Potter School while at the same time creating an outdoor environmental classroom.

New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual


This is a New Jersey Best Management Practice Manual that is published by the NJDEP. It is the guideline for what is proposed by BSHCA across the street from the H & M Potter School. Most people think of a retention/ detention basin as a big hole in the ground with a chain link fence around it in the middle of a jug handle along the highway. This is quite different in that it contains special plants and various components to remove nitrogen and pollutants that are harmful to Barnegat Bay and is quite scenic.

Berkeley Shores Living Shoreline: A Case Study


This publication chronicles BSHCA’s ongoing attempt to stabilize the Allen Road Beach and stop the severe erosion problem that is threatening to close Amherst Inlet and prevent boat access to Barnegat Bay for 1000 waterfront homes. With over 100 community volunteers, BSHCA organized and planted 2,400 spartina slterniflora plugs between two row of biologs under Coir matting for 200 feet between the mean low water line and mean high water line. It also chronicles the “living shorelines” battle with a number of nor’easter storms and hurricane Irene.


Stormwater Mitigation And Nitrogen Abatement Plan For Berkeley Shores

This plan is part of the above Publication “Stormwater Mitigation For Nitrogen Removal And H & M Potter School Outdoor Environmental Learning Center” It is just one example of what can be done and is subject to engineering design.

Original Proposal Documents:

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This was the initial investigation of BSHCA”s Water Quality Committee to research various ways to improve the water quality of Berkeley Shores’ lagoons. The Committee looked into various solutions to rid the lagoons of harmful jelly fish and foul smelling algae. The BSHCA Water Quality Committee Came up with two strategies to help solve the problem. The first initiative would be to install circulation pipes between the lagoons and adjacent salt marsh to remove nitrogen. The second initiative would be re-routing storm drains to “constructed storm water wetlands” utilizing funds from Governor Christie’s 10 point plan to clean Barnegat Bay.

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