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BSHCA Classifieds

Have something you'd like to sell?

Members in BSHCA can place advertisements for cars/boats/motorcycles; general merchandise and garage sales on this website.

Garage Sales
• Information must be received with payment no less than two weeks prior to date of sale
• Ad will remain posted until sale ends
• Three lines or less
• Fee for garage sale ad placement: $10.00 (members only)

Merchandise such as cars, furniture, general household items, etc.
• Information is posted when form is received with payment
• A digital photo may be included, if desired.
• Ad will remain posted for 60 days
• Three lines or less plus contact name and phone number or email address
• Fee for advertisement placement: $15.00 (members only)

BOATS can be advertised for FREE (members only)

Click here for the BSHCA Classified Advertisement form

(This is an interactive PDF form. You can fill it in on your computer and print it. You can save the blank form, but you can not save or email the "filled in form" unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat)

Please mail completed form with payment to:
BSHCA - Classifieds
PO Box 134
Bayville, NJ 08721

For more information, please contact:

Bob Nunn
(732) 269-4889




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